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How is everything with you and yours? I do honestly hope you are making progress and living the life of peace, calm, splendor, abundance and excellence. Several times in a week, we share with you several strategies on how you can improve your life and business as we wish to see everyone doing in well in their given businesses, families and endeavours.

Well this month we are looking at TRAFFIC IN BUSINESS and already, we have been giving out information on how to attract the unique customer. Have you been participating? You know that this life is in your hands and you are the one at the drive’s seat. So let that prompt you to take the necessary steps to get to the top of your game.

Yesterday, we talked about how to market or attract your customers to your store by using videos. Today, we will be discussing another strategy for attracting customers to your business. Are you ready? Lets go.


In todays world, many businesses are thinking about the profit they will make off the business without considering the benefit to the customer. Remember, your customer patronizes you because you meet a specific need. NO CUSTOMERS, NO BUSINESS. WITHOUT CUSTOMERS, YOU ARE JUST RUNNING AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY.

Your customer doesn’t care about how good your product is or all the nice features they have. That is not their first concern. What they care about is the benefit they will have from your product or services. So, what you want to do is to PAINT THE PICTURE OF HOW THEY WOULD BENEFIT FROM USING YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. SHOW THEM WHAT IT IS LIKE TO USE YOUR SERVICE AND WHAT IT WILL DO FOR THEM.

A good example of selling the benefits of a product and not the features is APPLE. When they first brought out the iPod, they did not tell the customers that it had 5 gig of storage. Instead, they told the world that anyone can have 1000 songs in their pocket.

Another example of selling the benefits of the product and not the features is with perfumes. If you are selling perfumes, you can tell the customer that people would give them good compliments for smelling nice or how it can boost their confidence when people think of them as a person of class or honour.

That is our post for today. We do hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed posting them. It will bring us immense joy to see that you are making profits and increase in your net worth by putting all these strategies to work.

We want to share in your joy and want to know that these strategies have worked for you, in your life and business. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE AS YOU DONT WANT TO LIVE A LIFE BASED ON EXCUSES. Challenges do come our way, but refuse to let those challenges be the determining factor for your growth and happiness.

Well, until the next post, remember that all things are possible to those who dare to believe. Go and prosper and take charge. KEEP MAKING PROGRESS.

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